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Abtech Tripod and Fall Arrestor bundle.

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Confined Space Counterweight System

Counterweight System - NEW RANGE

The Counterweight System is composed of a central base unit to accommodate a variety of anchoring options, positioning and adjustment legs, and extension assemblies.

Anchoring options include a weight rack for counter balanced applications, a rail clamp assembly for anchorage to railway track rails, and a wheel pad assembly to allow counter balance of the unit with an attendant vehicle.

(NOTE: Weights not supplied - universal gym weights suitable)
Confined Space Davit Arm System

Davit Arm Access System

A NEW range available with variable mast and offset sizes fit a diverse range of access applications where a tripod is not suitable. Please call for further details or a quotation.
RS100 Rescue Stretcher

RS100 Rescue Stretcher

Rollup stretcher stored and carried in a backpack. Available with a comfort mattress or a vacuum mattress that holds the casualty in position acting as a body splint.

Suitable for a horizontal helicopter lift and rescue from height. May also be used vertically to extricate a casualty from a confined space with limited access.

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