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Crowcon Tetra 3 Confined space gas detector

Crowcon Tetra 3

A lightweight, robust confined space gas detector with a rubberised case and rugged clip. The unit protects against Oxygen deficiency and enrichment, Hydrogen Sulphide, Carbon Monoxide and Flammable gas hazards. Simple to use with one button control.

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Neotronics Impact Pro Confined QRae II Gas Monitor


The QRae II is a full featured compact, one to four multi sensor confind space gas detector for the detection of combustibles, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide.

Key features include easy to change, externally accessed battery packs (available in rechargeable and alkaline versions), a water resistant case and a new state of the art oxygen sensor technology with extended life.

Crowcon Tetra Confined space gas detector

Crowcon Tetra

A multi-gas monitor which can be configured for SO2 or Chlorine for clean water applications as well as for standard confined space use like the Tetra 3.
Crowcon Triple Plus Confined space gas detector

Crowcon Triple Plus +

The Triple plus + is a proven gas detector design which is extremely robust and which can be specified for a wide range of target gases as well as for basic confined space entry.

The unit can carry an internal pump and can be configured as a purge gas detector for gas freeing vessels and pipes.
The unit also has the capability of Infra-Red sensors for Flammable gas detection or CO2.

Crowcon Eikon Confined space gas detector

Crowcon Eikon

The Eikon is a fixed life personal gas alarm with a 2 year maintenance free operation. The Eikon has a rugged case and can be configured for H2S, CO, CL2, NH3 or O2. The unit has a bright visual alarm and a 94dBA audible alarm.
Crowcon Detective +Confined space gas detector

Crowcon Detective +

The detective is a portable, linkable, tripod based multi-gas area monitor based on the tried and tested triple plus technology. The unit can be linked to produce a chain or a ring of units for area coverage.

The unit's tripod keeps the working parts away from standing water and it has very loud and bright alarms.

Crowcon Gasman Confined space gas detector

Crowcon Gasman and Gasman CO2

The gasman is a single gas unit that can be dry cell or rechargeable with a 95dBA alarm. The unit can detect Flammable, O2, or toxic gases or CO2 depending on specification.
Crowcon Gasman Confined space gas detector

MSA Altair 4

A reliable multi gas detector that measures O2, H2S, CO and combustible gas. Extremely durable rubberized housing and very easy to use. Available with the option of MotionAlert - a unique feature that triggers the alarm if the user remains motionless.

The InstantAlert alarm allows the user to manually activate the detector's alarm system.

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